Perfect Girl Room Escape Game

Perfect Girl Room Escape

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Perfect Girl Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule. Best of luck on the adventures here with us!

Allison's friend just called her to her huge house and it's quite urgent according to her friend's tone. Allison went their then quickly and when she arrived in the place she realized that it was quite silent, she continued to venture around the house to find her friend and when she did, they both got spooked for they were creeping. Allison asked her friend why she was doing that, well actually somebody was in the house and that certain someone seems to have locked all the doors and now she can't escape!

Allison was dumbfounded for she was able to enter the house no problem through the kitchen door, she wanted to prove it to her but her friend just won't let her go because she is positive somebody is prowling around the house. Well Allison trusts her friend so she'll have to go with whatever she is saying. Looks like both of them needs saving from the house now, escape players you are very welcome to try the rescue escape here and because you know nothing like Allison, you can place yourself on her shoes as you all try to find another way out. Have fun everyone!

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