Modern Lady Escape Game

Modern Lady Escape

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Modern Lady Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Avm Games for another fun adventure here with us. Have Fun!

The village here is pretty far from the city, but recently people from there have been visiting the remote place for there seems to be a huge crime which had happened in the city and the perpetrator was said to have come in hiding in the village after he escaped from the chase. Nobody in the village knows about that and as one of the villagers, Trent was also interviewed and well nothing he can give can help the investigators in any way. One day however, one of the investigators who was a woman suddenly got herself in some trouble in one of the houses in the place and now, she needs a different kind of help than they ask.

The city lady which what Trent calls to women from the city, just got trapped in one of the houses there upon her investigation around the area. Why can't they get the point that the perpetrator is not here? Now she's trapped. Escape players, Trent was the nearest person from the lady who got in-trouble, guess her investigator training is not enough to get her out of the house. Join Trent here then everyone and help him save the lady before she hurts herself. Good luck!

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