People Escaped Sea Monsters

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There was this family of pirates who has a goal of sailing the entire sea for adventures and discoveries. In their current adventures, they might have done at least 30% of their goal and they are still going. That day though they were in this island in the middle of the ocean and they never realized it was sea monster island! The place is surrounded by different creatures ranging from mega deep-sea animals and dragon-like serpents!

Now the family is stuck there for they managed to evade the initial wave of monsters coming from under the water, now they can’t turn back for that’ll be a risk. They just need to get on land there and for that they need help. Escape players, imagine you are joining this pirate family on their adventure, will you be able to help them get to safety by landing on the island there?

People Escaped Sea Monsters is a new point-and-click watery escape game developed by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for People Escaped Sea Monsters

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