Sea Horse Pair Escape

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There are a lot of strange creatures here in this part of the ocean, that’s why Sonder who knows about it tries his best to record everything before he shows this to the world, or better yet he shouldn’t for that gives the place a chance to get destroyed by humanity. That day, Sonder is looking around the caves of the reef for he is recording the weird wildlife there. But as he took a peek at this natural tunnel though, he seems to have realized that this tunnel is not that all natural.

There was a metal grill in the entrance of that cave and in it was a big and golden sea horse! There was another one there too but this other was in the outside of the tunnel and it was looking at the one that was trapped. Sonder thought he is understanding what’s happening here, this one sea horse might be the other’s partner, but because it doesn’t know how to get the other out, it just floated there helplessly. Okay, Sonder might be able to help here but he himself also needs some assistance, will you help Sonder here escape players so that these two sea horse will finally be reunited?

Sea Horse Pair Escape is another new point-and-click animal rescue escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Sea Horse Pair Escape

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