Giving Tuesday Joy Celebration

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It’s giving Tuesday in the neighborhood here and to be part of the community’s festive vibes, Antonia will be bringing-out her symbol from the room where she keeps it and out into the yard. Her symbol is a festive little penguin and it was full of trinkets, she must bring this guy out to join the celebration and possibly win this year’s prize too. But there was a problem with that, for she could not find the key to the room where her symbol is and she had been up and under the house already!

Antonia is a little scared now, scared to have lost this key and miss-out on this year’s celebration. But escape players, you are not going to give-up on her here, will you help her find that key so she can finally open the door and retrieve her penguin symbol from the room?

Giving Tuesday Joy Celebration is the newest point-and-click indoor retrieval game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Giving Tuesday Joy Celebration

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