Giving Tuesday Donation Box Escape

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It’s Tuesday again and it’s time to collect donations around the neighborhood for their surplus stuff or money. The collected goods is for the homeless who were living in an area in the city, it had been talked about by the committee there and the residents that they will be collecting donations for said people, they all gave their okay and one of the persons there then who were tasked for collection was Gordon, and of course he was ready to do that job happily. But as he was about to that day though, there seems to be a problem and it’s stopping him from doing so right-now!

Gordon could not get his donation box for it was currently locked inside a room in his house, and the problem was he could not open the door to it! Gordon was thinking then maybe he locked it? Well that’s not good, for he doesn’t know where the key to it now for it had been lost for days already. Gordon should have tried to find the key first the days prior, but he was busy so he wasn’t able to take care of that. Escape players, Gordon is currently on hold here, will you be able to help him so he can get the donation box from his room there and be on his way?

Giving Tuesday Donation Box Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Giving Tuesday Donation Box Escape

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