One Pleasant Evening Escape Game

One Pleasant Evening Escape

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You rarely got out at night when you were in your neighborhood. One reason was because you didn't know your neighbors so didn't really have anyone to hang out with. Another one was because you didn't feel like you should be out late at night. But when you visited your friend's neighborhood, you felt a sense of calmness. It was like you could just hang out anywhere and people would just let you be. So when your friend invited you to visit a nearby area for a "one pleasant evening" experience, you couldn't help but just agree immediately. Your friend saw how excited you were to explore the place at night. He promised to pick you up before dark so you could have more time to walk around the area. You got ready early and planned on waiting for your friend at the corner.

However, as you were about to leave the house you were staying at temporarily, you couldn't find the key. You couldn't get out of the house unless you had the key with you. It was one of the conditions the owner made you promise to abide to very strictly. Play One Pleasant Evening Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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