Colored Evening

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It’s evening and somehow Regina likes the colors that the light plays in her room, it’s weird and she is sure this has never happened before, but she likes it and just sat there and watched. After a while, Regina almost dozed-off where she was sitting, but she managed to pull back and decided to maybe get out and get some air or something. The colors in her room had now dissipated, but there were still some that’s left. Little did Regina know she’ll experience another weird thing there when she was about to leave her home.

Regina couldn’t open the door no matter how hard she tried! She then felt another weird thing which prompted her to become alert and ready. What is happening in her place tonight? She pondered. Okay, this seems to be a problem she wants to solve right-now, but it is a little intimidating for her mysteriously. Escape players, will you help Regina here with this weird thing in her home so she can escape?

Colored Evening is a brand new point-and-click indoor escape game released by Amajeto.

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Walkthrough video for Colored Evening

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