Rescue The Police Game

Rescue The Police

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Your friend recently became a police officer. It was a bit hard for you to believe since he was the kind of person who didn't really like getting attention from the people around him. You wondered how would he be able to apprehend someone. But you put your trust on him. He may have changed throughout the times he spent in training to become a police. While walking on the street one day, you saw him on his patrol car. You wondered if you could say hi to him. Then you decided to just continue walking and say hi to him some other time. You were about too turn around when you noticed someone entering through the backseat of his car. You wanted to see what was happening so you stayed a little. It seemed like your friend was startled and started to drive away.

You didn't feel good about what you saw. So you got in your own car and followed them. They stopped at a building and you saw your friend pushed to get inside. It took all your strength to stay hidden until the stranger left. You immediately followed your friend inside the building hoping to help him get out. Play Rescue The Police room escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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