Old Pretty Palace Escape Game

Old Pretty Palace Escape

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This palace is so pretty even though it's old. You can still see the aesthetic side of it. In fact, the old vibes just made it look prettier. This makes the palace a perfect place for a royal photo shoot. As a photographer, this is the site that you are looking for. Because of that, you quickly went inside to do an ocular inspection. You thought that it's perfect but you saw the flaws when you went in. The doors are not that great because it's too rusty. There's no wonder why the kings and queens left this place. It's hard to open the doors in this palace but on the good note, there are royal items in the room that you can use for your escape plan.

There are no knights that can help you to escape. You are on your own so you have to use your own logic to get away from here. There are clues that can help you to solve this puzzle and all you have to do it to look for those hints. Old Pretty Palace Escape is another exciting outdoor escape game by Avm Games that you will surely enjoy. Good luck and have fun!

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