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Grand Palace

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You always forgot to ask your parents about the source of your wealth. You'd been living inside a grand palace all your life. And you must have been so used to it. But every time your friends asked you about it, your curiosity returned. So then you would go to your parents and struck a conversation about it. However, they were very good at leading you away from the topic until you forgot about it again. You never felt anything strange inside the palace though. Your days living here were mostly all fun and happiness. You especially love the balls held here once a month. The people wearing their attires for the event were such a fun to watch. You also had fun watching your staffs getting busy yet at the same time remaining organized all throughout the occasion. As an added security measure, each of you had given keys.

These keys could open exits from the palace in case you just wanted to be outside but couldn't see any of the guards to let you out. However, you just couldn't find yours and you needed to meet your friend outside. He was not very patient and he might leave any moment. Play Grand Palace room escape game by First Escape Games.

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