Scarce House Escape Game

Scarce House Escape

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If you were still in the old times, people might have already burned you thinking you were a witch. Most people would prefer to stay away from weird items. However, you found them charming. It seemed like there was a beauty in those items that only you could appreciate. You lived in a normal house with your room mates and they had no problem with your personality or hobbies. They must have already adapted to your way of life. But not everyone adapted at the same time. You had a newbie inside your house. And he easily freaked out. You weren't even doing anything. Yet he accidentally spilled the contents of your chests and saw some strange stuffs inside. You didn't want him to leave as he was helping out with the expenses. So you decided to find a house somewhere else for a while.

You found one quite far from your place. However, it looked like the house that you would really enjoy. So you immediately brought some of your stuffs over for a few days stay. The house turned out to be stranger than you. It would lock itself randomly and you always had to find a way to deal with it. Play Scarce House Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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