Swank House Escape Game

Swank House Escape

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It was the New Year and you couldn't find a better way of celebrating it than staying in a swank house. You had no idea who was crazy enough to open a property for the public. But they may have installed so much security measures to be able to do so. And to mess with those would just be plain crazy. You didn't dream of owning such kind of houses. Yet you still wondered how it would feel like to spend some time there. The long weekend gave you the opportunity to answer your interest. You booked the place for the weekend and readied your camera to capture every moment inside it. Your first look at it left your mouth wide open. The place was just so elegant and beautiful that you somehow felt you didn't belong. But you already paid for it.

So you felt that you should just enjoy the place like you owned it. The first night was a bit uncomfortable for you. You were reading a book about spirits and you somehow felt like there were a lot in this house. You wanted to go out and breathe some fresh air to clear your mind. But you had a lot to solve before you could do so. Play Swank House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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