Old Man Escape Game

Old Man Escape

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Nick and his grandfather was roaming around the wilderness area after a long day of hunting when at some point as they pass by a house which they typically do, they heard a cry for help there! Nick's grandpa quickly went into the action and when he went inside, he wasn't able to get out and there was no noise anymore! Nick became very concerned then, so he entered ever so slowly and when he saw the inside of the place, the rooms there somehow looks like it belongs to a little girl. Nick could not find his grandpa there but he sure can hear him somewhere in a room inside, and he sounds like he needs help!

Escape players, Nick is on the move now for he doesn't want to be in the place no more, he needs to rescue his grandpa and leave from there before things gets a little dangerous, for he can somehow sense that is coming. Will you be able to help and make the rescue then out of there? You can all figure-out what's-up with the place after but first safety is priority.

Old Man Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by Games 2 Escape.


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