Joker Rescue From Desert Game

Joker Rescue From Desert

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The town's joker had gone missing and now, that is raising some alarms in the area especially for the authorities. As an official there, Dante is on the job in tracing the whereabouts of this guy. Even though people are not really giving a big deal to him, he is still a person and fool or not a rescue must still be carried-out if needed and especially an investigation, for this could be serious and it might happen to anybody next. In Dante's hard work though, he finally had a break! He found the guy, but at the moment he is not in a good situation and for him it was kind of weird.

Dante was able to get to the fort which was a bit off from the town, and that's where he found the joker trapped inside a cage and whoever did this seems to be not there at the moment! Who could have done this anyways? Dante kept low then for for this could be a trap for him too. Dante needs to get to the guy and get him out of there, but the situation is not fully understood yet and the risks are still high. Escape players, will you help Dante here out so he can get this done safely and the joker back to town?

Joker Rescue From Desert is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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