Jungle Man Escape 1

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The abandoned village in the forest is now being owned by a jungle man, the land was once prosperous but now it isn’t, it would have been a good place really, but people there left in-search of greener pastures and that’s why the jungle man took the liberty to live there. He is a rather docile individual though, but people should not bother him for he has an aggressive side and he is quite strong. But aside from all of that, the jungle man still has a friend and that is a villager from another village who was Drake.

That day, Drake visited his jungle man friend again for he wanted to see if he is doing okay, well thankfully he did for he is actually having some real trouble there. Escape players, Drake found his jungle man friend trapped in one of the houses! Drake doesn’t know how to do this really, but the man is asking for help there. Okay then, would you like to help Drake so he can get his friend out from where he is trapped?

Jungle Man Escape 1 is the newest point-and-click outdoors rescue escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Jungle Man Escape 1

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