Tenderness Chef Escape Game

Tenderness Chef Escape

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Justine who was an excellent chef with an exquisite taste finally left her job in the city to come and serve the Duke who governs her hometown. She had worked for him before, but the king needed an extra chef so the Duke had no choice but to select his best bet who was Justine. That day, she quickly began her job at the Duke's house after years and my how it brought memories back to her. She was even offered a lecturing job for the culinary students and of course she accepted that. But a long time have passed though and somehow the place had changed, so even though she was happy she is back home, that change in the place was enough to get her in a little trouble!

Justine got lost in the town as she heads for work one day and she was definitely caught off-guard! She knows she had taken the right way but somehow she couldn't navigate no more. Maybe she took a wrong path? Most likely. Justine needs to get to the right one then so she can get to work on time and really as a professional, she must adhere to that discipline especially for the Duke, that's because he can be a bit strict at times. Escape players, want to help Justine here so she can get to where she is suppose to be now?

Tenderness Chef Escape is another new point and click area escape game made by Games 4 King.


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