Old Hospital Building Escape 2 Game

Old Hospital Building Escape 2

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Old Hospital Building Escape 2 is the newest point and click complex escape game from 5n Games. Have fun on this adventure here in a creepy and abandoned hospital building!

Daniel is on an adventure through abandoned places around the world and through the years, he had experience whole sorts of stuff but not enough that can really get him in-danger. Well except one day however inside the old and abandoned hospital building, a first in his adventures happened and he wished it was good but sadly it's the opposite.

Daniel began his adventure in the first floor of the building and everything there was indeed ruined and a bit boring, so he proceeded to the second floor and it too was the same, then again that got him into even more floors higher until he got a little bit concerned on the current one, for the floor he is in is kind of small. Daniel panicked a bit but it was just a split second, well it's enough to get him lost in that same floor and to top it all off, something very weird is going-on in the building and he is unfortunately just ignoring it from the very start! Well that escalated quickly. Escape players, there won't be no rescue for Daniel here for he came alone and everyone he knows would assume he is okay for nothing had ever happened to him ever since the first time he ventured in such places. He surely needs your help here everyone. Come and join this escape adventure with Daniel then from an abandoned hospital building. Good luck and stay alert.

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