Nature 02

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Try this 2nd sequel here everyone and enjoy nature! Nature 02 is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game released by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel. Have Fun!

On the previous adventure, Rob had successfully solved his problem in the beach area thanks to you escape players. But this time we are here in an abandoned city and everything is being taken-back by nature. In the time when the place was still occupied, it was flourishing and people are pretty contended there until one day, war broke and a warhead exploded nearby the place! That was enough to get the people out of there and for years, that got the city unattended until the forest nearby is starting to take it.

As an adventurer, Alex wanted to see what the place is now so that day, he prepared his anti-radiation gear and spent at least an hour there scanning for anything interesting. That adventure unfortunately got him into some trouble for the city is a bit confusing! That small thing can be a great issue for if he ever spends more time in there, radiation can get pretty high for him even though he has gear. Escape players, Alex needs to escape from the abandoned city here, care to join him and see if you can leave safely? Good luck then everyone!