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Obscure 02

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Finished the previous game? Try it first now and let us continue then on this 2nd one. This time escape players, we aren't going to wake-up and find ourselves in a different place, for a person went deliberately on an adventure alone in an abandoned small town or village here which was almost entirely under the cover of the stout and old trees there. The place was just recently discovered and one of the first people who went there after knowing about it was Robert, he even came alone for the place was actually deemed safe, well safe enough until he got in some trouble there however.

Robert was walking around the old stone structures and he can see how much junk was around the area, it was like a war-looting occurred and by the looks of it, that happened quite some time now. In his curiosity, he traveled further into the town where the old trees are much denser, because he didn't use a guideline to guide him back to where he came, the cover of the trees was enough to obscure everything, even the path back! Robert realized his mistake here and when he noticed that, it was already too late. Escape players, want to join Robert here on this attempt to escape out of the almost ancient town before sunset begins?

Obscure 02 is another new point and click location escape game made by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel.

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