House Boat Girl Escape Game

House Boat Girl Escape

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A girl just got kidnapped a couple of days ago and the investigation states that the girl was just walking in the city that day, when suddenly she was attacked and was taken who knows where! That girl is important and everyone is working hand in hand to rescue her, well that's because she was the daughter of the king and ever since then she was not advised to go outside alone, but she went against the rules actually for the first time and that was enough of an opportunity for the kidnappers to go and get her.

People are waiting for news about her and the negotiating team too for a ransom call, but another team was already ahead of everyone and as a chief of it, Bailey was up-front for this rescue and the location they got was a yacht in the coastal area. That's quite a distance from where the princess was kidnapped, now no one else should know about this or the kidnappers will have a heads-up and speed away. Bailey must do this rescue here for the princess as quietly as possible, he also must do this quickly for he doesn't know yet which door is she behind in the yacht. Escape players, care to join Bailey here on this daring rescue as quickly as possible before the situation thickens?

Come and test your skills here then! House Boat Girl Escape is the newest point and click rescue game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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