New Year Find The Invitation Game

New Year Find The Invitation

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You just got invited at a new year party and the invitation which was a really important thing to get admitted into that gathering, just arrived at your house in the mail! Finally, after a long wait and now it is time to prepare everything, for the party was in a week and it is going to be a blast. A week came to pass and the day had finally come, it is a good thing you had already prepared things and you are now ready for the new year party later that night, well just when you thought you were secured however, some problem poke-out and it was quite a stopper for you.

The invitation which was vital to enter the party had gone missing! You knew you had placed it somewhere and you had already checked places where it could be, but it wasn't in any of them. Maybe it flew out or something? Or maybe somebody had come in your house and steal it? You know nobody can enter your house for they could either make a ruckus or a mess but none of those had happened in the past few days. Escape players, that party is important to you so, you really need to find that invitation before your small window to find it will end. Search possible places where could it be now and go to the next if it is not there.

New Year Find The Invitation is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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