Tamil Traditional Village Escape Game

Tamil Traditional Village Escape

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Ramil went further into the valley which was way beyond his usual adventuring routes just to check the small village below which they call Tamil. He knows there are only a few people there and mostly are the older generations, for the younger ones had already migrated to higher populated cities and their town too for more opportunities and income. That day, Ramil rather wanted to check the rural area out than the crowded city, so he took that long walk leading there and when he arrived, he never thought the place was such a ghost town!

Ramil continued on the path and he saw nobody outside and it is really like an abandoned place, it makes him a little-bit afraid of the area for he might get yelled at by the old folks for coming, so he just decided to turn back and when he did, he could no longer familiarize the way! Ramil was somehow lost in the village and he scratched his head for he can't get lost in a small place this, but it happens so he only needs to find his way back. Escape players, want to help Ramil here on his escape and go on an adventure yourself too in the process? Go ahead and try not to disturb the people living peacefully there then.

Tamil Traditional Village Escape is the newest point and click escape game from WoW Escape.

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