New Play Room Escape Game

New Play Room Escape

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Tory's play room is finally finished and that's her parent's surprise for her! The room got a lot bigger, far bigger than her original one and the place got even more modern. There were more rooms and each has its own function but the same purpose and that's for fun! But that day however as Tory's parents was out in the backyard preparing for a barbecue party later that day, she got trapped in her new play room and because it was new, she couldn't solve the problem!

Tory yelled for her parents to ask help but it seems that they can't hear her, she really tried hard to get herself out but it seems that the doors are not friendly to her at all. Did her parents accidentally lock it? Or the wind locked it or something? Whatever the reason is, Tory is going to need your help here escape players, for it can often go very dangerous if a kid is trapped inside a house alone and nobody knows about it. Find things that can open the door and quickly too for Tory, be ready for anything there now which can potentially make things more difficult.

New Play Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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