Abandoned Playground Escape Game

Abandoned Playground Escape

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The city's playground is the last place Paulo expected to wake-up, but from his sleep he woke-up and found himself there! This was some place he woke-up into but even though it's just near the building where he lives and actually he can see it from his window, it's still preposterous to be in one place and then pop into another, but it happened already so he has no choice but to escape from the place, he even thought that he is in a dream or something but it's very real.

Paulo needs to get out of the playground now for his confusion is really twisting his mind, he needs to be back in his room to think what in the world just happened, but there was another problem though for the playground was locked! Well that's typical for the playground is closed in specific times and it so happens that it is at that moment. Will Paulo be able to escape the playground and find answers what's going-on? Escape players, come and help him out then escape from the playground, place yourself on his situation and find your way out quickly.

Abandoned Playground Escape is a brand new point and click grounds escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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