Traditional Living Room Game

Traditional Living Room
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Mirna finally got a new job at a very luxurious house and after a long time, a thorn was lifted from her for she had waited for that. She will now have the job of watching the place and do a few paper-works there as well, it won't be an easy job for if anything wrong happens there she is to be held responsible if the wrong points to her. Mirna accepted that in the rules and regulations so she made it a goal to do a good job there. One day however as she was checking everything in every room in the place, she thought she might have missed something for it seems to be that she could not open most of the doors in the house, and that includes the one she had just passed!

Mirna really thought that this was her doing, but actually it was the work of something in the house. Mirna could not explain this but still she needs to solve the weird problem for she'll definitely get scolded or fired for this if she doesn't something. Escape players, come and join Mirna here as she escapes from the house without of course damaging anything. Make your skills and logic count on this one, for those will definitely be vital.

Traditional Living Room is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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