Never Give Up 01 Game

Never Give Up 01

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Doug did not obey his captain to abandon ship for the ripping tides of the river are slowly stripping it apart! He still believed there is a chance and because they have precious cargo that will be delivered to the village ahead filled with sick people, he really tried to save it but unfortunately the boat was not able to take it and was torn to pieces. But as Doug came to, he saw that the cargo is floating down the river with him, maybe there is still more chances that he can salvage the remaining cargo which was floating but for that he must stay on his raft and collect as much as he can until he reaches the village.

That's some true essence of not giving-up and slowly by slowly, Doug are retrieving everything he can see floating with him, but it seems there is another challenge though for he was being carried into a mysterious area with some sort of cage block on the river, he is surely not able to pass if that thing is not opened. Escape players, it is one problem after the other on Doug's hands here, but you bet he is not going to give-up just yet! Will you join him on this problem and see if you can solve it all until he reach his destination further up ahead in the river?

Never Give Up 01 is another new point and click river escape game made by First Escape Games.

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