Players Locker Room Escape Game

Players Locker Room Escape

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After the game, Elmo was tired but he decided to be last on the locker room for he needs to cool down before he freshen-up. After an hour of just sitting and thinking of strategies to better his game, he went to the locker room so he can change and finally go. At first Elmo was quite comfortable as he finishes-up in the locker room, but in the middle of it however something happened and that got Elmo into some weird trouble which he knows none of his team-mates have pulled, for they all have already left long ago!

Elmo got trapped in the locker room and he thought at first that the janitor had locked the place not knowing there was somebody still inside, that's most likely but something tells Elmo that there is something else up here which caused this. Elmo needs to escape right-now for the situation here is not getting any better, will you be able to give your aid to him by escaping out of the locker room safely?

Come and test your skills of escape here with us then! Players Locker Room Escape is the newest point and click room escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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