Music Hall Escape Game

Music Hall Escape

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Try your best to escape from a place of music here with us! Music Hall Escape is a brand new point and click rooms escape game from Genie Fun Games. Enjoy!

Caitlin was given free tutoring lessons for a few musical instruments at the music hall, it's kind of like her scholarship granted by the school for she excelled in that. She had a schedule that day and she expected there are more guests in the place but actually as she entered the halls, she found herself alone and it's not just guests that are missing, there were no teachers and staff as well! Caitlin at first was pretty confused so she just sat-down in there and waited for anyone to enter, but it seems there was nobody and she just told herself maybe she'll just leave, but that is where she realized there's a problem in the place and she was right in the middle of it!

Caitlin realized she could not open the doors of the room she was in, and it's not just one door however, for it is all of the doors in the place! Caitlin has no idea what situation she was in right-now, probably that the keepers locked the place due the sessions being canceled maybe and she doesn't know about it. That could be it but Caitlin must not let that be though, she must find a way out for there's nobody that can help her here but herself. Escape players, you can join in on the escape here from a hall for music, good luck!

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