Conundrum 01 Game

Conundrum 01

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Conundrum 01 is the newest point and click sea vessel escape game created by 5n Games. Best of luck everyone on this escape potentially from the middle of the sea!

Bert was captain of a cargo and fishing vessel and it's kind of dangerous to be that but their routes always consisted of passing-by an island and supplies needs to be brought there, that's why they are both cargo and fishing. Bert was resting on the ship's main quarters and he knows everything must be stable for the vessel is undergoing cargo placement at the docks and on the other hand, the steering and throttle are located just right beside him. But when he woke-up however for he heard a strange sound, he saw that the horizon was empty and the entire ship was moving in the middle of the ocean!

Bert was dumbfounded how the ship got loose, and the first thing he thought maybe he engaged the throttle by accident and now it is heading somewhere he doesn't know. Well that could explain why this ship seems like an abandoned one, for the crew is missing which typically should be there when the ship makes it journey. One thing confuses him too, why was there no rescue anywhere? There should be especially if this is an accident. Escape players, Bert doesn't know what's going-on but he must get his ship turned or just stop the huge thing and escape from it. Good luck then and keep your eyes looking for clues around the vessel.


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