Cute Munchkin Cat Rescue Game

Cute Munchkin Cat Rescue

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Cute Munchkin Cat Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly. Have Fun on this rescue here in a remote place!

There is a race of cats which are quite cute and small and those are called munchkins. Those kinds of cats are pretty small, smaller than typical cats and they have tiny ears. Munchkins are hard to acquire and quite rare at some parts around the world, Duff's neighbor somehow was lucky, for she got one and because they live in quite a remote area, that cat is even rarer than rare here. Duff is not particularly fond of cats, but he appreciates rarity whatever it might be, that's why he always volunteers to take care of the little thing especially when his neighbor would be away.

One day, his neighbor went to town so she can buy some supplies and he asked for Duff again to take-care of the little munchkin until she returns, he obliged with that but unfortunately in the middle of taking-care of the cat, it escaped! Duff did not know what exactly happened but after realizing that it was gone, he went to look for it. Well as he did, he found that the problem only got worst! Escape players, Duff here has a serious problem on his hands, for the munchkin got accidentally trapped in one of the hunter's cages! Duff was pretty concerned now for it could be that the cat is hurt and he knows well that the door of the cage is hard to open. You can join on this rescue here if you want to test your rescue skills for the uncommon munchkin cat, good luck!

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