Muscular Rooster Rescue

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Don’s farm here is hiding a pretty awesome secret, and that is in the form of a really buff rooster and the creature is also quite strong! But something was stronger than him though that day, and when Don checked on him, he was flexing and bringing-out his strength!

Don’s buff rooster is trapped in this cage and the thing was locked. Don have no idea how he did this to himself but the creature was really trying to escape, the cage was too strong for him of course. Don is going to get him out of there though for he belongs outdoors with the hens, but he is going to need some help in finding the key to it though, so will you help him then and this rooster can be freed sooner?

Muscular Rooster Rescue is the newest point-and-click animal escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Muscular Rooster Rescue

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