Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds 3 Game

Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds 3

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You were hoping to work on your missions earlier so you could still avail the one world type. However, your mission letter arrived months after and that was when the four worlds type began. In just one mission, you had to be in four different worlds. Some might find this very exciting. But you had tons to do back home that a one world type would have been better. In this mission, you could be dropped anywhere. And then take the form of anything. You heard one of your friends had to complete his tasks in the form of a baby. It was pretty hard to crawl most of the time. And reaching the various locations in different worlds took a longer time than it should. You used to just laugh at their stories. But you might be the one to tell yours soon.

The mission bell rang and you knew it was time for you to leave. You took a deep breath as you stepped inside the room that would transport you to a different place. You closed your eyes for a surprise of the surrounding and your form. It wasn't that bad yet you still had to complete your missions no matter what. Play Monkey Go Happy - Four Worlds 3 adventure game by Pencil Kids.

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