Between Worlds Escape

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Kat unleashed a magical spell and that sent her somewhere she is not familiar with. Kat does not know the spell that she made, she has a rough idea but not a lot, she just knows that it would transport her to a place in her mind, and she indeed was transported but the place where she is was some sort of magical space world or whatever.

Escape players, Kat can see the beauty of this place though, she is going to mark this world, but now she needs to try and find her way out of there for she is not sure of her safety there. Will you be able to help her with that in any way you can?

Between Worlds Escape is another new point-and-click otherworldly place escape game made by 365 Escape. 

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Walkthrough video for Between Worlds Escape

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9 months ago

If we were promised “another big game”, well!
Let’s be patient and wait.