Picturesque Home Escape Game

Picturesque Home Escape

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Everyone in your family had somewhere to go and you didn't want to stay alone in your house. You love your house and you had no problem being there alone. However, you wanted to be in a new place while they were all out. You could recommend it to them later and you could all stay there. Your parents weren't picky but you knew they wouldn't be able to sleep well in a mediocre room. So you could help choose the right places for them by sleeping on various locations to pick which would be good for them. You waited after they were all out before leaving the house. You were a bit too cautious when it came to locking up. It could take at least ten minutes before you were so sure that everything was secured. Then you'd take a last look before heading out.

You reached the location and you couldn't believe that you'd be staying in a picturesque home. It was pretty but with a hint of a minimalist design which was far from the feel of your home. You immediately hit the bed and exhaustion from travelling took over. You woke up feeling hungry so you decided to go out. But you couldn't. Play Picturesque Home Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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