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Your friend was studying in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Your only communication was through a messaging system. And you had to wait for days for his replies to your messages. You couldn't complain though. You knew he was very busy and he needed all his time to study. So you just found something else to do while waiting for his replies. Then he sent you a very good news. He said his spring break was coming and he was inviting you over. You couldn't contain your happiness that you forgot to reply. He then called you to confirm if you could come. You told him he should prepare a wonderful of Harrisburg. He laughed at your words and promised that he would. You packed your bags and went over to explore the place with him. You had a lot to talk about that you felt the days were passing by so fast.

It was the end of his break and he was busy finishing his works. He was sad to see you off. So you told him you'd get home on your own. However, you couldn't really remember where to go or how to get to places. Play Harrisburg room escape game by Hooda Math.

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