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Modern Room
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One day in Ivan's fantasies, he was only dreaming of a luxurious house which he'll own one day and it's going to be big! But now he has one and that's all because of his hard work and perseverance that he has what he has now. Ivan is still having more of that dreams though even though he has what he wanted, and that day as he did just that while sitting in his living-room thinking, he began to have a sense of something and he got quite concerned. It was very strange and the first thing he did was check his doors for he strongly feels something was there, and that's when he realized that his doors was mysteriously jammed!

Ivan tried to solve the problem with his own hands but it seems it only got worst, for not only his main-door was locked, but all of them in his home! Ivan had no idea what was going-on and he really tried his best, sadly it doesn't get any better. Escape players, maybe you'll have a way that can help? Come and join Ivan here then as he tries to find some answers and get himself out of his own luxurious house.

Modern Room is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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