Good Witch Escape Game

Good Witch Escape

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Elsa got invited by the good witch who was living in her neighborhood and as a trainee of the mystical arts, she went ecstatic for she is finally going to get some formal training, well probably a scolding of the magical level. Elsa still went to the good witch who was also called the white witch's modern-looking house, well actually it is quite old and only a few knows that. Elsa arrives and the door was open, she was being expected, so she entered but the greeting she expected wasn't at all what she got however.

As soon as Elsa entered the place, the door behind her slammed and there was some laughter from somewhere! She knew then by the cold aura and the voice that it wasn't the white witch, but the dark witch who was everybody's enemy! It's going to get potentially pretty dark here now and Elsa readied herself for she is currently in the dark witch's trap and the white witch was nowhere to be found, pretty smart though to set a trap such as that. It's most probably that the dark hag had captured her and now Elsa was next! Escape players, Elsa needs to escape right-now before things gets any worst there, will you be able to help her escape from the witch's grasp?

Good Witch Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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