Missing Sweetie Escape

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That day, Lilac and her daughter were the only people in their big luxurious home for other family members are currently out. Her mother is away, her husband is at work, and all of their maids are at their days off. This happened for the very first time and it’s all in the timing. Lilac just wished she had left at least one maid with them, but for now she just wants to do things alone to see if she can handle all the work there. Well little did she know there is one thing there that just happened and it’s actually more than she can handle, she even resulted in asking help from you escape players!

Because their home was big and has lots of rooms, Lilac was not able to find her daughter quickly. But that’s not the main problem though, for when she tried to look for her around the place, she really couldn’t and from there her fears just escalated! Well she was right to fear the situation here for there is more, for she just found-out that the room where her daughter was, is mysteriously locked and she couldn’t get to her now! This is not good, for Lilac’s kid is still pretty young and she can’t simply open the door there. Lilac didn’t have any help here and that’s why she was left with no choice but to ask help from you escape players. Okay then, Lilac needs to get to her daughter here now, will you just help her in any way possible so she can?

Missing Sweetie Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Missing Sweetie Escape


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