Germany Spreepark Dinosaur Escape

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The abandoned amusement park somewhere in Germany is collecting nature in the form of vegetation now, nobody goes there no more and the place is scary. Still though as a tourist, Calvin went there for the place is in his bucket-list and he really hates missing one to check especially now that he had gone so far just to reach Germany. Little did he know though, he’ll come to find something interesting there and he even gets to rescue it!

Calvin pushed deeper into the park and he never thought it to be absolutely vast, pretty much more vast than he had expected it to be. Calvin saw different kinds of recreational amenities there and it’s a shame they have just been left here to decay. Calvin arrives at this one area and in the distance, he saw this strange creature, he came close to see it and he would not believe what he just found. Calvin found what looks like a small dinosaur and it’s even inside a cage! Was it really such an animal? For if so then he is really looking at a treasure of a find here. Calvin is deciding what to do now, whether to get it out or not for the cage could be from someone and he could be in his or her sights right-now! Escape players, what would you do if you were Calvin here? That’s some interesting animal there, would you want to free it?

Germany Spreepark Dinosaur Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.