Midnight Spooks The Photo Game

Midnight Spooks The Photo
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You love to take selfies. Because of this, you always bring your camera wherever you go. Tonight, you attended a party on the cruise ship and there are so many friends in the party. You are so happy that your friends are here. They all look good so you brought out your camera to capture the moment. You excitedly looked at the photo but there is something you noticed on the background. There is a photobomber and it doesn't look so good. What you saw in the photo is not a person, hence it is a zombie. Everyone panicked when they saw the photo and it caused the party to end. Everybody found their way out expect you. The zombie is still there in the room with you. This must be the spookiest midnight that you ever had in your life.

Since the party is over, you have to find a way to escape from the room. But even though the photo is creepy, it's still a remembrance. Therefore, you have the find the photo before you escape from this place. Midnight Spooks The Photo is another exciting room escape game from Carmel Games for Mouse City. Best of luck!


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