Mexican Farmer Rescue (365 Escape) Game

Mexican Farmer Rescue (365 Escape)

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The village located near the arid regions of Mexico had been forgotten by the government even though it was one of the places that helped it grow and definitely the village has a lot of history and is pretty old than the government. Now, there are only a few people living there for conditions have not been favorable recently and that forced others to find better places to make a living. That day, Rocco decided to visit that village for his heritage belongs there and he just wanted to see how it is now, to his dismay after hours of traveling he found the place really close to shambling just like what people told him.

The village is now very poor but even then people struggle to get by. As Rocco roams around the place to see what else he can find there, he realized there was this old farmer who was in-need of help. The man was trapped in his own home for something was blocking the door and he couldn't get himself out! Rocco of course quickly went to action and tried to get the guy out, but it's a bit too hard for him. Escape players, will you help Rocco here in rescuing the farmer who was trapped and quickly too? He might be an important person that can help Rocco get some answers.

Mexican Farmer Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from 365 Escape.


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