Find And Solve Rescue Game

Find And Solve Rescue

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People had been in awe for years of the beautiful wooden house for it is very old and it was quite the modern thing back in its glory days. But right-now people are outside the place again not because they were admiring the house, but there was someone trapped in there and because the place is filled with trapdoors and hidden passages, nobody can pinpoint where exactly is that trapped person in the house! It had been a day now and people are still looking in various rooms of the place in-search for more hidden passages. As one of the persons who were assigned for the mission, Harry found another passage and that led him to another place which he just discovered!

Harry is getting closer to the victim here and because his teammates are quite far from him, he couldn't get help from them for they are also busy. Harry is going to have to do this himself and carefully too for the place is very good at eluding people. Escape players, will you help Harry here rescue somebody who is in-trouble inside a huge house before that person gets hurt?

Find And Solve Rescue is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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