Mechanic Boy Escape Game

Mechanic Boy Escape

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Try this potentially daring rescue attempt everyone. Mechanic Boy Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games. Best of luck!

The village even though it is still behind, there are still experts there and one was a boy who was already an expert mechanic! This boy had studied all that he can about cars, how they work and whatnot, that's because he had great interests of it but most of the time muscle is needed in-order to fix any vehicle, that's why he has Cal who was his older brother to help him with that. The boy mechanic is the most valuable asset of the village here, for the nearest repair-shop is hundreds of miles away and nobody can afford that distance, that's why the boy is a great help to them. One day however, something happened to this boy and the first to discover that was his big brother Cal!

Somehow, Cal had the feeling that he needs to get to his brother quickly for he had a bad feeling about it, so he picked-up his pace after purchasing some produce nearby and when he got their house, there was indeed a situation. Escape players, the mechanic boy needs your help here so why don't you place yourself on the shoes of Cal and solve whatever the problem is? This boy must be saved now so, enjoy!

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