Halloween Escape From Cemetery Game

Halloween Escape From Cemetery

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Come and try this scary escape challenge with us in the haunted graveyard. Halloween Escape From Cemetery is another new point and click spooky escape game made by Top 10 New Games. Good luck!

Leroy just came from the scary house located in the middle of the cemetery for he had to take some stuff from there and transport them to the main-gates of the place. It's a tiring job for the distance was not very short and because of the ton of items he needs to move one by one, it became night and he is just above half of what he needs to move. Upon doing his job, he then realized that there were stories about the place being active especially on Halloween's eve, well it so happens that it is that day and now, the place is playing the likes of him!

Leroy started to notice at first that a light fog is starting to cover the area, from there the spooky things had followed and they are now peeking from the trees, the gravestones, and some from freshly dug graves! Leroy could not make the path clearly thanks to the fog and this problem is somehow getting worst. Escape players, this is already a situation now and he must find the way out of the graveyard and maybe continue the job tomorrow, well that's if he can find his way out quickly. Escape players, join Leroy here as he escapes from the really active and haunted graveyard before everything gets even worst, not that it already is. Enjoy everyone!

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