Man Escape From Farm House Game

Man Escape From Farm House

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You own a farm house a few hours from your own home. It has a wide space perfect for family use. So since you're alone, you thought of renting the place out. You still have a little house a few meters away from the farm. A family booked your place last week and they are scheduled to arrive today. You prepare the house for them making sure they'll be comfortable. After helping them settle, you go back to your house for a little rest. You offer to cook the meals for them and they're very thankful. So while you're preparing the meals, you tell them about the places they can explore the property. The family looks excited but the father seems out of it. You just focus on the cooking though and let them bond in the living room. After a while, you return home.

From your window, you see the family go out of the house. They are smiling happily and it warms your heart. A few minutes later, you see them return to the house. However, you don't see the father tagging along. So you go and ask them about him. They're saying he must be just admiring the nature. But you know there must be another reason. Play Man Escape From Farm House outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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