Escape From Ghost House Game

Escape From Ghost House

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All you want is a nice house to live. However, all of these houses are expensive. So when you saw an ad on the internet about a nice house, you quickly bought it. It's price is unbelievably low. This is very affordable for you so you didn't let the chance slip away. But if you think that this is a good deal, you are wrong. There is a reason why this house is cheap and it's too late when you found that out. You were peacefully reading a book when you heard something from upstairs. You thought that it's just the wind but you are surprised with what you saw.

It's a ghost and it's living in the house with you. You don't want any roommate so you quickly ran to the exit. But looks like this ghost likes to have you as his guest. He doesn't want you to leave just yet. So, he locked the door so you can't escape. This is really scary for you so you have to do everything to escape from the ghost house. Play Escape From Ghost House, outdoor escape game from Top 10 New Games and gather clues that can help you to complete this puzzle. Best of luck!

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