Luxury Mansion 4 Game

Luxury Mansion 4

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It was just the start of the school year yet you were already at the brink of giving up. You didn't have any problem with waking up early or sleeping very late at night. What you were struggling with was the everyday interaction with people who may have forgotten their manners at home all the time. You were the sensitive type and people's innocent actions could mean so much to you. You were not blaming them but you did wish you had the option to not bask in their presence. Then again with your kind of work, you just had to push through it all. So when you heard about the holidays you'd be having, you didn't hesitate to splurge on something that'd bring you some peace and relaxation. You picked a luxury mansion to spend your free days on and be away from all the stress.

The day finally came and you were standing in front of the mansion. You closed your eyes and took a step inside. You opened your eyes and it seemed you were already refreshed. The mansion had so many amenities to enjoy and you spent your first day enjoying what you can. The next morning was the continuation of your enjoyment but you couldn't easily leave the mansion without the key. Play Luxury Mansion 4 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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  1. Date: June 26, 2018
    Author: Betty Boop
    Keep 'em coming FEG! Love, love, love ur games!!!

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