Treasure Ship Escape Game

Treasure Ship Escape

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The only treasure you hoped to find today was a big fish. It was bright and sunny outside and the weather seemed to be friendly for a fishing trip. You went to your tool shed and took out your fishing gear. They had already been gathering dust from not being used for months. But today they'd finally see the sea once more. In your mind you were already picturing a big fish inside your boat. After checking your boat, you went out to the sea. It was always a great joy to feel the breeze. You stopped at your favorite spot and set up your gear. The gentle rocking of the boat slowly made you drowsy. Then without meaning to, you fell asleep. A gentle bump woke you up. You opened your eyes to see a huge ship beside you.

You waited for some people to look over you from the boat. However, no one did. So you decided to check it out. The ship was empty but you believe it was a treasure ship judging from the looks of it. Then you began to search the boat for the treasure before going back to your own. Play Treasure Ship Escape room escape game by Mouse City.

  1. Date: June 27, 2018
    Author: fff
    at last!!!!!!!

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