Caterpillar Rescue Game

Caterpillar Rescue

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Your friends always asked you about the terrarium you kept in your home. They looked inside it and saw real animals inside. They were wondering why it kept on getting bigger every time they visit your house. Your only reply was that you liked having it and you wanted to observe more animals. What they didn't know was that you liked shrinking yourself down and interacting with the animals there. It seemed like you could hear the animals talk when you were the same size as them. Your first time joining them was very tense, at least for you. You didn't know how they would react to you. You were actually ready to run for your life in case they wanted to consume you. Fortunately, it didn't happen. The first to approach you was the ant. You couldn't believe you were interacting with a smiling ant.

It was speaking to you about the condition of the tank. You prepared to leave and promised to make some changes. But the you noticed a caterpillar. It looked like it needed help so you asked the ant about it. The ant confirmed your worries. So you decided to stay a little longer to help. Play Caterpillar Rescue outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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